Thursday, August 12, 2010

Primary Activity

They finally caught up to me in the ward and gave me a calling about a month ago.  I haven't had one since we moved into the ward.  It's been kinda nice.  I think they were just waiting for Ian to be old enough to go to nursery by himself =)  I am the 1st counselor in the primary presidency.  I've been in the primary before, but only a s a teacher so this has been fun.  I feel bad because I can never remember all the kids' names, but I do recognize all their smiling faces.  In our ward here we have a lot of inactive and nonmember families.  But in the past month we have had 2 girls taking the missionary discussions.  One was baptized about a month ago and the other one is getting baptized this Saturday.  I love the ladies I work with, especially since one of them has a baby girl that is 3 months cute!!!  There is also a teacher that has a baby boy about 3 months old and our singing leader just had a baby girl last weekend.  Love all the babies!!!  I can get my baby fix without getting the baby weight =)  Anyway...back to the reason for this post.  We ha
d our quarterly primary activity last Saturday. It was pretty fun.  It was "Nephi's Journey."  We had the kids do different things to represent different parts of Nephi's journey to the promised land.

(This is Brenna....she's such a dork, but I love that girl!)
The first thing they had to do was get ready to leave Jerusalem.  They had to put on their robes and walk to the wilderness.  We had them put on bathrobes, and then tie a scarf on their heads to look like clothes Nephi wore.

(This is Eleanor, Brenna's best friend!)
Then they had to wander in the wilderness (they walked on the cement between the grass) and then the Lord called them back to Jerusalem.

(This is McKenna, she'll be in Brenna's kindergarten class)
They then had to get the brass plates and take them with them.  We had them carry a hard-boiled egg on a spoon to the middle of the cement.  

(This is one of Brenna's other really good friends, Jade.  Her mom has the baby boy I get to cuddle with sometimes)
Then they had to hunt for their food after Nephi broke his bow.  They got to throw water balloons at a target.

(This is Brenna.  She did so good by herself!  She lost her balance once and fell in the "water.")
While in the wilderness they had to cross lots of lakes and streams and one of those they had to cross a log.  We put some tarp down (represent the water) and they crossed the log.  If they needed help we sent the "Holy Ghost" (one of us) to help them cross.

Then they had to build their boat and cross the ocean to the promised land.  They had to drink a juice box and then when it was empty they had to blow it across the tub to the other side.

Then they gathered in the promised land =)  But alas...peace didn't last long.....
There were leftover bow and arrows (water balloons).......can you guess what happened next?

I took this behind my back as I was running away.  She was bound and determined to get me =)  She looks like she's having fun huh?

The kids all had a fun time.  I think I'm going to like this calling.  I get to sing and play at church instead of having to sit still and be quiet =)

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