Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day!

In Ogden they do a parade down Washington Blvd. every year on the 24th of July.  I decided to brave the crazy crowds and take the kids to the parade.  Since I'm not one of those crazy people that reserve their spot the night before, I woke up early and go to the parade route at 7:30 am (I'm one of the crazy people that wake up early) But I got prime parking and seating right in front of the announcer stand....too bad it was the side of the street where the sun was shining directly in our eyes (it wasn't when we got there).

While we were waiting the kids decided to entertain themselves.  There were horse statues along the road and they loved them!  Especially Ian.  When I wasn't looking he kept sneaking off to get the horses.

I decided to splurge and get Brenna some cotton candy.  She is always asking for it and I never buy her any  but I gave in this time.  She was so excited!!!  She tried sharing with Ian but he did not like it.  He kept spitting it out.

This was Ian snack of choice.  Popcorn!  And it must have tasted even better when he ate it off the road.  Every time I turned around he was eating it off the ground.  One good thing about our seating was we were right in front of the Wells Fargo building.  They set up a popcorn machine, snow cone machine and had cold water.  All free!!!  So the kids got some snacks and stayed a little cool for a minute with some snow cones.  The water unfortunately didn't stay cool for long since it was hot.

Isn't he such a cute little poser.  He loved watching the horses and the firetrucks in the parade.

This is Brenna and her best friend Ellie.  Her mom and dad met us there.  They had lots of fun hanging out together.  These girls always have loads of fun together!

I didn't take any pictures of the floats, cause I'm a slacker like that =).  We had to leave the parade early because it was getting too hot.  I was dying and the kids were getting pretty rosy cheeks.  I thought the parade would only last an hour or so so I didn't put sunscreen on, since it would be in the morning, and I didn't pack extra drinks.  We left at about 11am and it was still going.  The kids were getting grumpy and needed a nap anyway after being in the heat.  Plus, I had some fun plans to go see my Aunt Lisa and her family.  They were at my Grandma Lola's house for the afternoon.  They live in Price so we don't see them too often.  I think the last time was when Brenna was about 2 years old.  I know what you're thinking, Price isn't too far away.  I know it isn't, but we just haven't made it there yet.....but we need to!  It was so nice seeing them again.  Especially my cousins Shadayah and Shaylynn.  Those girls have grown up so much!!  I remember when I used to babysit them and they were such little brats (I love you guys, but you were brats =), but I think every kid in the Ezell family was a brat, I'm not exempt =)  )It was nice spending time with them and spending time with my grandma and chuck.  We were all too busy talking that I forgot to take pictures.  It was so nice to see them and hear how things are for them.  It's also nice having an aunt that is getting back in the church.  One day we'll get them all....not anytime soon, but I have faith that we'll get them one day.  I really do have awesome family on my mom's side.  They are always there to support one another, even if they're fighting and hate each other at the time.  They are by far not perfect, but the reason you love someone is for their imperfections =)  I love you all!!!!!  Thank you for always being there for me!

But that wasn't the end of our day.  I came home and we had a bbq a guy from Jason's work, Adam and his wife Amy and their 2 boys, Braxton and Taven.  Once again, no pictures.  These boys are so stinkin' cute.  I was cracking up listening to Braxton play golf on the wii.  It was his first time playing but after he swung once, he was an expert and had to tell everyone how to play.  It was fun hanging out with them.  Adam is going to school for the same thing Jason is so me and Amy decided that once school starts up again we need to get together more since both our hubbies with be gone all the time between work and school.  I love it when we find friends where we like both the husband and wife.....we both have sets of friends where one of us isn't all too crazy about the husband or wife.  The night before we had a bbq with some young couples from our ward here and it was nice to be able to hang out with people our own age and let all the kids play.  We are finally getting to know more people around here and I am really looking forward to having more people to hang out with and do stuff with.  Yay for friends and family!!

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Megan said...

Ya. I went to that parade once and it is always super long and hot. Glad you guys still had a good time. Not to mention all those treats for free?! Booya!

Sorry about the car buying fiasco. Super lame. I am glad you do like your car though. What I would give for more room! ;)