Monday, August 16, 2010

Crashing cars and playing with the animals

The Weber County fair was last week.  The only day we went to any of the stuff was on Saturday.  We went to the demolition derby.  We went a little early and walked around the fair for a bit.
I thought these were pretty neat.  These are made completely of sand.  I can barely make a sand castle using a bucket shaped like a castle.

Ian was so excited to see horses!!!  He loved seeing the officers on the horses when we drove in.

My brave boy isn't afraid of anything, he even wanted to pet the pig.  I was brave and did too =).  Their hair is very prickly, they're not as soft and smooth as you'd think they were.
Of course Brenna liked the cows since she had been to a dairy farm for preschool.  She was excited that she was able to pet one of the calves.

One of the booths had some cowboy hats for only $2 so I could resist getting my buckaroos some.  Ian's is very flexible so he can't destroy it. =)
Brenna loves her new red cowgirl hat.  Now she says she's Jessie from Toy Story.  Funny girl.
Lovely picture of Jason, huh?  He was wearing Ian's hat and I took this picture while he was shaking his head, kinda like how a dog does.

Now, on to the the derby part.  I was vastly disappointed.  In the town I grew up in, the demolition derby was a big deal.  People would come from all over the country to come be in the derby in Morgan.  There were always tons of cars.  I think there were usually about 7 or 8 in each heat, at least 6 heats and the main event.  Then there was the grudge match (one of my uncles won that one year =) ) and then the powder puff round.  This was where any car still running could be driven by a woman.  Those women got vicious.  My mom drove in it one year.  So coming from this kind of a derby background I was expecting a lot more from a supposedly bigger town derby.  There were only 4 or 5 cars in each heat, one only had 3 cars, and there were only 4 heats, no grudge match (there were only 2 cars that wanted to do it) and no powder puff.  There was one woman driver but she couldn't get her car started so she couldn't even do anything. 
The lawnmower race was almost more excited at times than the actual derby.
The real excitement for the night came during the main event.  I guess there was an ongoing rivalry between 2 cars, the red car and the orange car (my camera died right before this match so picture in your mind).  From what I heard, the orange car hit the red car on the driver's side door, which is a big no-no in the derby world. The red car got mad, went to the other end of the arena, revved up his engine, got a running start and smashed into the orange car head-on.  The next thing we hear is the announcer telling all the cars to stop immediately and they need the paramedics in the arena.  Then we see some people running in into the arena, the cops follow to keep them out, one lady had to be restrained by 4 cops (we later found out she was the orange car drivers' mom).   One person was escorted out in handcuffs.  After this, a fight broke out in the stands (this was across from us so we weren't in any danger from it).  The cops swarmed the stands, they bring out the mounted cops.  Things finally settle and they walk out of the arena again with someone handcuffed, and this was a big guy too.  Then they bring in 2 ambulances, one for the car driver and one for someone from the stands.  Then they announced that life flight is coming in.  They get everything settled, the ambulances leave, the helicopter came.  During this, another fight almost broke out in the stands again.  I guess that's what happens when there is alcohol readily available and tempers are hot.  They finally got everything going again and the main event lasted about 10 more minutes.  I think the red car ended up winning it all.  I don't know what happened to the orange driver, it's possible that he had a neck injury or he was knocked out by hitting the suicide knob on his steering wheel.  If anybody has heard anything, let me know.

Ian loved watching the cars crash and he kept saying "boom, boom."  When they were done between heats, he kept saying "more cars."  Brenna liked it too.  She kept saying "go, hit him, wahoo!"  
I think next time we go to a derby I'm going to a small town one like in Coalville or Morgan.  Those are the best.  But all-in-all, it was a fun evening to spend together.  We had Jaydon with us so it was nice to see him.  He has had scout camp outs every time we have tried to do something with him.


Megan said...

Gotta love the white trashyness of the derbies. There is one here next week and Ross wants to go so badly. I hear that Morgan and Coalville are were it is at for sure!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! You gotta love redneck fights at the derby! hahaha!

Ps. Your little "jessie" is darling!

Audrey Cornelius said...

Fun outings are lots of fun! Sounds like it was a great Saturday.