Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ian's new haircut

This morning Jason asked me if we should give Ian's hair a trim. I said i guess we can. It's getting long and needs to be trimmed a little since it was starting to get tangles in the back when he sleeps. Now I was thinking of just taking a little bit off and Jason said he put a guide on the razor so it wouldn't cut too much. Then he started cutting Ian's hair and it wasn't just a little bit that was coming was all of it. I almost cried. Jason has been saying for awhile that he wants to give Ian a buzz cut...well...he did. He says it wasn't on purpose but I think it was. I miss Ian's crazy hair that sticks up every which way. Now he looks so much different with it all of his dark hair is gone. I was hoping he would have brown hair like me but it looks like he's going to be a blonde-haired boy. Give me a week and I'm sure I will be loving his haircut (I hated my haircut when I first chopped it but by the next week I didn't mind it so much) . The upside of this is that with it starting to get hot now he'll stay a little bit cooler. Hopefully his hair will grow back fast so it can't be a little bit longer. It's a good thing he has thick hair or he would look totally bald. i know hat you are's only hair...don't be a baby. I do the same thing every time we cut Brenna's hair. I make Jason go because I can't stand to see her long pretty hair get cut. I'll get over it...and I'll have to get used to it considering boys need more haircuts than girls.


Josh and Dallas said...

Trin! I think he looks adorable. I little older even. So SO CUTE! You can totally tell who his sister is now. Too fun! What a cute boy!

Megan said...

Just have babies with hardly any hair and that solves your problem ;) Anna didn't have her first hair cut until she was two and I don't see one in the near future with Evan. Count your lucky stars - I wish Anna had flowing locks like Brenna :)

The Hodsons said...

He still is sooo adorable with short hair!