Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun in the sun and water

Down where my mom lives is right next to the Colorado River. Of course we had to spend a day down there. We had fun playing in the water. A few days before Jason took Brenna and Makayla to a spot by the river to go play for a few hours. There was a little girl there whose family was down the beach a little way. She kept telling Brenna that there were alligators and sharks and fish that bite in the river. Of course that scared Brenna to death and she wouldn't go in the river. She just sat on the bank and played in the sand. Lucky for that little girl I wasn't there because I would have gotten really upset with her and chewed her and her parents out. So on our next visit to the river we had to spend most of the time convincing Brenna that there was nothing in there that would hurt her. It finally came down to us telling her to go yell at the river and tell all the bad things to go away before she would put a toe in it. My mom has a speed boat that is really noisy. Brenna usually doesn't like anything noisy but she had a blast going in the boat. Once she got over her fears she had lots of fun playing and didn't want to go home.
Ian is looking more and more like his daddy every day. He had a blast playing in the water. I thought he would hate it because he doesn't like water that is cold and he gets very grumpy when he gets too hot. We sat in the river with him and he sat there and played until the big waves came and then he didn't like it....but once they were gone he was fine. He spent most of the time in just a diaper so I think that's why he had fun....he loves being naked. We're in trouble once he learns to take his clothes off...but hopefully that'll be in the middle of winter and he'll get a bit deterred from the cold.

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