Monday, November 17, 2008

The leaves are falling!! The leaves are falling!!

With all the trees around our house, we get a ton of leaves. Usually they just lay on the ground until the snow covers them. Brenna likes to go outside and rake the leaves into a pile and then play in it. The piles that she rakes aren't usually that big so daddy and papa decided to help her out this year and make her a big pile. It started out as a little pile by her slide and she thought it was the coolest thing so slide down into the leaves. So daddy and papa raked a big pile of leaves by her slide and she had even more fun. It was funny to watch her slide down and almost get buried in the leaves. Later papa and daddy put all the leaves in a big pile and then lit them on fire. At first, Brenna was upset that they were burning her leaves, but then she pulled up the chairs next to it and pretended like she was camping.

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