Monday, November 10, 2008

Brenna visits the dentist

Today was Brenna's first trip to the dentist. I know, I'm a slacker for not getting her in sooner but we haven't had dental insurance till now. She was a really big girl. At first she was scared to sit in the chair by herself so I had to sit with her. She was okay until the dental assistant and the dentist had to put their masks on. For some reason she's scared of those. So she sat in my lap while the dentist checked her teeth. She was crying and scared but was still a big girl and opened her mouth and let the dentist look at her teeth. Right at the end, when the dentist brushed her teeth she got happy again. she has no cavities and has healthy teeth so I guess it wasn't too bad that I waited to take her in. She got a cool Blue's Clues toothbrush and Spongebob toothpaste. For being a big girl she got a certificate for a free kid's meal at Del Taco plus she got a token to get a toy out of one of their machines. Lucky girl.....all I get from the dentist is a lecture about flossing and a numb mouth.

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Audrey Cornelius said...

Good girl! Way to go Brenna!