Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More than meets the eye

Remember my post from Christmas about what Brenna wanted?  The only she wanted for Christmas was the Bumblebee helmet that changes your voice.  She was so excited to get it but when we put it on her she freaked out and didn't want it.  So we took it back to the store.  I went to a yard sale a coupel weeks ago and found the Optimus Prime helmet (I think it was $1, quite a steal considering it still worked and they are usually $30 in the store).  I thought Ian would like it.

I was right!  He loves it!  Especially the voice changing part.  My two kids are so different.  This helmet still scares Brenna and whenever Ian has it out to play with she runs and hides in her room.  Silly girl!

Ian isn't the only one who likes it.  He wishes he was as cool as Optimus.

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Megan said...

Haha. Awesome. Ross wanted that helmet when it first came out. I am such a lucky girl. lol.