Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ian's new favorite playspot

He was being a little too quiet so I went to look for him and guess where he was?

The past few days Ian has discovered a new spot to play. I guess he doesn't get enough at bath time. If I leave the bathroom open and he sees it, he makes a beeline for it. It started out that he liked to go in because the bathtub was low enough that he could pull himself up, then it was because he thought it was fun to knock everything in the tub, and now he likes to climb in. I don't know how he climbs in...i haven't seen him do it. One minute he's out of the tub and the next he's sitting in there happy as a clam.

Doesn't he look so pleased with himself?

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The Hodsons said...

That is just so cute!!! :D