Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ever since Brenna saw them setting things up in the mall for Santa she has been bugging us to go and see him. We took her last Wednesday to see him. At first she was shy and wouldn't say anything but then she warmed up to him. She told him she wanted presents. I was thinking "Sweet! I can just wrap empty boxes and then she'll be happy. What a cheap Christmas." But then she got particular. She wants her Tinkerbell movie, CareBears, Dolls, and a Dora movie. I think she's going to have a fun Christmas. She just likes to open presents, she doesn't really care what is in them. She'll be just as excited for the socks that I got her as she will for the dolls. I know, I know, enjoy it while it lasts. I know in a few more years she'll be throwing fits that she didn't get what she wanted and she'll hate everything. I'm excited for this holiday season. Brenna had fun opening presents last year, but this year she understand a lotmore of what is going on so she's more excited. I can't wait to see how she reacts to what we get her. I'm also excited for Jason's reaction to his present. I really spoiled him this year. I can't write what I got him because he actually reads this once in awhile. We're having a competition to see who spoiled who more. I think I'm going to win, for once. Unlike most guys he actually does a really good job at picking out gifts, especially since I never really give him ideas. I usually say giftcards or scrapbook stuff. I know it sounds like I'm all caught up in the wordly aspect of presents and Santa but I'm really now. My favorite part about this season, which is something I wish could go on all year long, is how much everyone remembers our Savior. It's the one time of year that everyone (most everyone) won't get upset at the mention of Jesus. In general, people try to be better and for a moment the world isn't so bad, and then December 26th (my anniversary by the way hits) and everyone forgets about Him. Our Savior did so much for us and continues to do so much for us that we need to remember everyday what He did, not just the month of December. I know it sounds cliche but we need to keep Christmas with us all through the year. I say we all celebrate Christmas again in June, except we don't have to get presents because right about then is when most of us have just barely finished paying off our credits cards that were racked up from Christmas.

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