Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trying to stop being a slacker

I know that I was a slacker and only did a few blog posts on this, but my new goal is to keep it updated. I should, hopefully, have the time to at least do it once a month or week. So here's the 411 on what's gone on the past year:

Life has been pretty uneventful up until the past few months. We are going to be adding another member to our family. He will be making is public debut in January. I am due the 31st. I have to have a c-section, since I had one with Brenna. My doctor says she'll do it the week before I'm due, the 21st or 22nd. It's kinda weird knowing when he'll be here. Everything is going good so far. At one of my early ultrasounds the doctor said my fluid looked a little. She told me drink as much water as I could and then come back in 2 weekds and she'd recheck. I dont think I've ever drank as much water before. I seriously contemplating just ahuling everything in the bathroom and camping out for a couple weeks. When I went back into the doc's she said everything looked better and that she'll just double check it again at my next appointment in a month, but she wasn't worried. He has been plenty active the past few weeks. I think he's going to be like me and love pb&j sandwiches. Everytime I eat one he goes crazy. Brenna is getting excited about having a little brother. It's a good thing she's not a girly-girl because she wants to share all her toys with him. Luckily, she mainly wants to share blocks, books, watch Transformers, ride 4-wheelrs, and go to the zoo with him.
Life is pretty good now. I get to stay home with Brenna. Due to stuff that happened at the daycare with how they were treating both me and Brenna I decided to call it quits a few months early. I had planned on staying until the beginning of December. But now I get to hang out. Brenna loves having her mommy home and draws me lots of pictures all day and loves to have me read book after book after book after book.......
Jason is going to school at Weber State for Radiology. He spends alot of time at the hospital but he loves it! he'll be finished in about a year and a half. yay!!!
That's pretty much it for right now. So let's see how I do at keeping up this time around.

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