Saturday, November 3, 2007


We took Brenna out trick-or-treating on Halloween. She was so excited to dress as a pirate. I took her around a few houses by where we live and then to a few houses in Morgan by some friends of ours. We were told there was a trunk-or-treat at the church down the road from our house but by the time we got there it was over. It had started at 6 and we got tehre at 6:45ish and everybody was already gone. We were going to try to hit a few more houses by the church since that was where my ward was before it was split so I knew people there, but everyone had gone to the trunk-or-treat. WE called it a night and went home. Brenna had fun though and she got to keep all the candy that her Papa had bought for trick-or-treaters since we got a whopping 3 (my neighbor's kids). She also got loaded up with candy at daycare that day cuz we had a party and most of the parents had brought treats to share. It was the first year that Jason really got to take Brenna around since last year he had to work and the year before she was just a baby.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little pirate!! I love it!

BenJoe said...

so do you update this thing or what?

The Hodsons said...

Is this Trinity Mcquiddy? If it is let me know so I can add you...This is Sara (Scott) Hodson.