Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Carnival

Last night (Friday night) we had a little Halloween carnival at my work. It was a long day at work since i was there from 7:30 am until 9ish pm. I got to be in charge of "Feely boxes." We put gross stuff like monster guts (gummy worms and hair gel), Werewolf intestines (spaghetti noodles and chocolate pudding), dragon eyes (hard boiled eggs and oil), and bat boogers (marshmallows and water) in tubs and had the kids put their hands in it and feel around. It was fun grossing them out. I had one of the girls i work with do my make-up and had half my face look really gross like i was a leper and had bloody scars and stuff and then the other side of my face was normal and cute. I also did half my hair crazy and half normal. Most of the 2-year old that i teach were scared of me. It was kinda funny (i know i'm cruel). Jason brought Brenna down to it and she was so excited to wear her pirate costume. She was scared to death of the little haunted house we did and wouldn't even go near the stairs of the room we had it in. She had plenty of fun stuff to do though. She got to go pumpkin bowling and pin a face on the mummy. She got a pumpkin tattoo and lots of candy. She was the cutest pirate!! Argh a'matey! Where's my treasure?!

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