Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog since everyone I know has one. Here's a quick intro about us (I know most of you know us but you'll just have to either read it or skip this part). My name is Trinity and my hubby is Jason. I grew up in Morgan, UT and Jason grew up in Laughlin, NV. We met in Laughlin after I went to stay with my mom for the summer. I saw him at church and thought he was pretty cute but I thought he had a girlfriend but I decided I was going to get a date with him anyway. Come to find out, the girl I thought was his girlfriend wasn't (although she wanted to be, I'll talk about that story another time). He asked me out Memorial weekend of '03 and from that point on we spent pretty much every day together. He proposed to me on August 19th. We got married December 26, 2003 (I know, I know, our families hated the day). While we were in Logan going to USU little miss Brenna Kay Hansen joined our family on May 20, 2005. she is the cutest little girl ever. She is very sassy, opinionated, stubborn, and smart (I have no idea where she could have inherited those traits ;) ). We just finished potty training her. yay!!!!!! We are currently living in Morgan, mooching off my dad while Jason is going to school. I work at a day care where I get to take Brenna to work with me, which is good and bad. So, That's us in a nutshell. I hope I can keep up on this and keep everyone posted.

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