Sunday, June 24, 2012

Caution: Wild Animals at Large!

We had fun at the zoo a few weeks ago.  Some of our really good friends, Alan and Kanani, invited us to tag along with them and their family.  It was so nice spending time with them.  She is pretty much like a sister to me =)  Her mom has even offered to adopt me.  Whenever we all go out either Jason and Alan get mistaken for brothers or me and Kanani get mistaken for sisters so it all works.  The last time we had went was when i was bout 2 months pregnant with Ian.  He was so excited to see all the animals. I think hi favorite was the polar bear that kept doing flips off the window.  Brenna loved the baby elephant, especially when she did a headstand =)

Here was my train buddy.

Here's proof that they love each other =)  They sat next to each otheron the train

No DNA test needed here......

He's as big as a female orangutan.

She about as big as a female gorilla.

He was kinda an ornery looking guy.  But then again, I don't think I would be happy stuck in a cage either.

This is the new polar bear.  She kept coming up right next to us and the would flip onto her back.  She was being very playful that day.

The kids were loving watching teh bear swim and the walrus swim around.  The little boy on the left is Tyson (green shirt), then it was Jamison (blue shirt) then Kona (brown shirt, and his due date was the exact same day as Ian's =)  ), then Ian and Brenna.

Isn't she such a pretty poser?

When we went to the rhino exhibit he said he wanted to ride the rhino......the real one.....but I made him settle for the metal one.

Brenna could have stayed all day watching the baby elephant.

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