Sunday, January 29, 2012

Its Snow much fun with you!!!!

We finally got some snow!!  At least for a few days till it warmed up and we took advantage of it =)  On Saturday we went to Morgan and the kids got to go sledding Jaydon and Makayla.  It was fun!  we went to this hill by the Milton Cemetery.  I grew up around there and I never went sledding I lame or what? (but in my defense we had a pretty good hill in our backyard)

Jaydon was such an awesome sport and went sledding with Ian lots =)  They went "super fast!"  I wish I would have gotten a video of the first time Ian went down.  He went down all by himself on one of the tubes and boy was he flying!  We weren't sure if we were going to be able to stop him before he got to the road and then slid down the road....into a cement wall.....Luckily, my dad was quick on his feet and got to him in time.  The whole time, Ian was giggling, especially when he saw Papa poised to "catch" him.   

Makayla spent a lot of time going with Brenna.  They had lots of fun and almost slid off the path and down the even bigger hill....with a barbed wire fence at the bottom.....(that brought back memories of my sledding experience of going down a big hill with a barbed wire fence at the bottom.....I still have the scar on the back of my neck from it....)

"Mommy!  I need to go potty!"  What to do you do when your 3-year old says this, while bundled in snow gear and a long ways away from the nearest bathroom? have him go in the snow.  But one problem....since he's so little, he doesnt' really know how to stand and aim yet.....

So Daddy gets him, pulls down the snow gear and holds him over the snow so he can pee straight down in it.....Ian thought that was the coolest thing ever.  He can't wait until summer when he can pee on a tree now.....

A few days before we went to Morgan, we went to Rhomer Park (I was lazy and didn't want to reload the pictures in the right order).  There is a fabulous hill there!  If you are in the Ogden area, you must go! 

Of course, Brenna is a little dork....I love that girl!

I like that the kids could go by themselves =)  This is Brenna being a big girl.  We put a rope on the sled so she could drag it up easier.

This is the hill.  It's pretty long and then levels out so the sleds have plenty of time to slow down before crashing into anything =)

Its not too steep =)  

Ian and daddy going down =)  Ian loved it because he got to ride down and then on the way up, he got to be pulled up in the sled too =)

Getting ready to go down =)

And they're off!  Brenna crashed halfway down the hill.......that little sled wasn't the best for this hill.

Before we hit the big hill we went over behind Brenna's school.  There were little hills there.  We thought we would see how Sasha did pulling a sled.  She is part sled dog after all.  I think we need to get her some more muscle.  But she is only a year old so she has lots of training left.  She did pretty good pulling Ian around but could do Brenna.  She could pull Brenna down the hills, though.  I think Sasha had fun running around.  She got nice and worn out.  I think I need to hook her up to the sled next time the sidewalks are covered with snow and have her carry Ian in the sled when I get Brenna from school. =)

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