Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House pics =)

We bought a house in December and we finally have all the work done in it.  We moved in right before Christmas and I have been a slacker and haven't gotten pictures up yet.  I thought I had take some before pictures but I didn't.  Pretty much all the walls were a dark brown, even the ceiling, so we had to repaint everything.  It was a chore!!!  I am not painting for a long, long, long time!
Here is my living room.  Don't mind the mess....that's what happens with kids =)  I love my new couches!  They are a dark brown leather with microfiber cushions.  I will never have anything other than microfiber with kids.  Our other couch (it's downstairs now) is microfiber and Ian had colored on it with pen many times and I have gotten the pen out with just a wet rag.  I also love having a big window in the living room.  It lets in so much light!
This is my blue accent wall.  I have our family pics on it.  I may add shelves on the side, but not sure yet.  We also did all our trim throughout the house in this color.

Here is my kitchen.  I am not quite done with the cupboards.  My sister is going to help me stain them to give them teh antique look.
Another shot of the kitchen.  It's not the biggest, but I have lots of cupboard space.  In each of the corners on top and bottom I have lazy susans. Plus, all the appliances are fairly new.  I really love having the water and ice in the fridge door =)

Here is my dining room.  The yellow is brighter than I had originally planned.  It was supposed to be a dark gold color, but it's growing on me =)  My next thing that I want to get is a new dining room table, but that won't be for awhile.

Here is part of our room.  WE combined the two upstairs rooms to make a big master room.  This was preetty much the size of one room.....barely fit our bed.

Here is the other half.  We then built a walk-in closet since the wall we took out had the closets in it.

Here is part of the closet.

Sorry I forgot to flip the pic, so just turn your head =)  The other half looks just like this, but with Jason's stuff.  It has two shelves and closet rods on each wall.

This is the downstairs bathroom.  Once again, you might have to turn your head.


Bathroom.  I like my downstairs bathroom better than the upstairs, but that is because it is newer. 

This is our family room downstairs.  This is our old couch.  This is where the kids get to watch movies and play.  We have the game systems hooked up down here.

The letters on Ian's door that I painted.

Ian's room

Can you tell who Ian is obsessed with?  I sure hope he likes Buzz for a long time because we're not redoing it anytime soon.

The cute letters o Brenna's door that I painted.

I also made her rack that her robes are hanging on.

Guess what her favorite color is?

Tilt your head again =)

Don't mind the mess, but what do you expect of a 5-year old?

I love having my own house!  It is so nice to not have to worry about being too loud and bugging neighbors.  If I want to do something to the house, I can.   This is the first house we have bought.  Since we've been married we've either had an apartment or lived with my dad.  It's just nice having our own space.  We have a decent sized backyard that is already fenced in.  So now the kids can play outside and I don't have to worry. Plus, if we have kids that aren't being nice,  I can tell them to leave our yard and not get the cops called on me or worry about other parents yelling at my kids for playing on grass.  And we were able to get our cute little puppy, Sasha.  She's a sweetie, but a stinker.  I guess she fits right into our family.    I think we're going to have an open house probably the first week in February, but we'll see. If anyone wants to come visit, let me know =)


Kaylyn said...

That is tons of painting!! I hope you don't have to change it any time soon. Your colors work really well together. Having your own yard is great too!

Megan said...

Yay for houses! And I love yours. Don't you love how when we get older we get excited over things like couches ;) I am so there with you. Only I love our leather couches even more than microfiber - the cleanup is even easier. Awesome.