Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun, Fun birthday for me!

(Is that a hint of a smile on Jason's face? Is he actually going to enjoy himself at a country concert?)

For my birthday Jason took me to the Toby Keith concert at Usana. It was a blast. I went to Toby 2 years ago and loved it but this time it was a lot better. I think it was because I liked all the performers. Jason got us great seats. We were about 15 rows from the stage. Last time I went I was in the lawn seats and had to use the jumbo screens to be able to see what was going on. This time was a lot better. The opening act was Trailer Park Choir (or something like that). They were pretty good. The most entertaining part was when the 382 lb guy in the group did the "worm" across the stage. He was up there dancing more than the other 2 singers.

The next one was Trace Adkins. He was totally awesome. Jason actually knew a few of his songs (surprising huh?) and was singing on. His favorite is "Honkytonk Badonkadonk." I almost think he agreed to go just to hear that song. I know the picture isn't that great but this of Trace on stage.

Finally at about 9:00 Toby comes on....and as soon as I go to snap a picture when he walks on camera dies! What?! I was so had a full battery when we left and I didn't take that many pictures before. Oh well...since it was dark they probably wouldn't have turned out anyway. I did take a video with Jason's phone so I'll have to load that when I get a chance.

One thing that I love about Toby is he is not afraid to state his opinion and stand his ground. He is one of the most patriotic singers out there. He is always supporting the troops and the country...even if he doesn't agree with what is happening. What you see is what you get with him. Another thing that was great about the concert is that it is about the music. There aren't any grand pyro-technic displays with a stage full of gyrating half dressed dancers. It's just the band and the singers up there.

(I can't believe I'm actually going to a country concert....I sure must love my wife.)

As we sat there waiting for the concert to start I was looking around at the people there. I never realized that Utah had so many rednecks. If Jeff Foxworthy was there he would have found enough material to last him for quite a long time. So maybe I'll try my hand at it:
You might be a redneck at a concert if......

1. You get dressed up for a concert by wearing last years concert shirt, blue jeans, and your best pair of boots.
2. Your hair is so big that the person behind you has to stand up to see around you.

3. You think short shorts and cowboy boots are in fashion.
4. The guys have longer hair than the girls.

5.Middle-aged women with beer bellies are dressed in the same size and style of clothes as their teenage daughter (the same ones wearing the shorts and cowboy boots).

I had so much fun. Thank you, Honey, for a great birthday!!!


Megan said...

You definitely have a husband who loves you to go to that concert voluntarily ;) Glad you guys had a good time!

Audrey Cornelius said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you could get out for an evening and enjoy such a fun present!