Thursday, August 6, 2009


This summer the library has been doing a summer reading program for the little kids. They have been focusing on the arts. Every week the kids get a prize if they did their reading. At the end of the program the library had a special event where they had people come and share their talents in the arts. They had people playing instruments, painting, sculpting, and dancing. Brenna got to try her hips out at doing some Hawaiian dancing. She was so stinking cute up there, but alas, she takes after me and has no rhythm. She had so much fun doing it that it didn't matter that she was off beat....who knows...maybe she'll get better and one day make an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance (which I am watching the finale of as I am writing this....I'm shooting for the underdog Evan but good luck Utah's own Brandon!). It was fun to watch all the kids having so much fun and especially be involved in a program that helps promote reading. I think kids need to do more reading and less watching tv or playing video games, but I'm biased because I'm big bookworm and I think everyone else should be like me ;P

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