Thursday, June 6, 2013

Great to be 8!

Its hard to believe my little girl is 8!!!! ( I Will post her birthday pictures later....I am posting from my phone and can only do 1 at a time) It seems like yesterday she was crawling around getting into everything. Now she is growing up and old enough to be baptized! She got to be baptized on June 1. She was so excited!! We took some pictures the week before of her in her dress, which I will post later. Then on Saturday it was the big day.  She got to be baptized on the same day as one of her friends, Emma. Jason got to baptise and confirm her. As part of the program Makayla sang a song. Ahead did a wonderful job! She has a beautiful voice.  Brenna loved that her cousin sang for it. She sang the song "I am His Daughter."Then after we had friends and family come for cake and ice cream.  I made her a special cake in the shape of a dress. It was all white and really yummy!!
I'm so proud of Brenna and her decision to be baptized. She sure has grown up a lot the past year. She still fights like crazy with her brother but when they get along they have lots of fun.  She is much a big helper with Sophie. She loves to told her and play with her.  She we will be a big help once Sophie learns to crawl and walk. Brenna is such a sweet and special girl and I am glad to cal her my daughter.

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Audrey Cornelius said...

Congrats to Brenna for taking part in the first important ordnance of salvation, baptism. She is such a special girl!

Way to go to her parents too, for raising such a special daughter!